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Cover of Curbing Your Road Rage


The process of writing this book began by laughing in the aftermath of a serious road rage episode. I was lucky it ended without a tragedy, but it frightened me. I soon realized–my rage was everywhere, it was not only present when I drove. I sent mean Tweets, put up edgy Facebook posts…have you ever been flabbergasted at a register? Well, who isn’t ticked-off? As my Facebook newsfeed went by spewing political propaganda mixed with friends fighting illness and others battling common sense, I thought, why shouldn’t I be sad and angry?

So, why were other people’s choices and lack of driving skills make me hostile? My anger was alarming. The sadness gave me inspiration and hope.

Using the internet to express anger is easy. It’s the same as lashing out at someone on the road. You’re anonymous. What could be easier than directing your anger into the vastness of the web, or at a stranger while driving?

Angry people are everywhere: online, in schools, workplaces, and — of course — on the road.

What the world needs is people willing to point their index finger at themselves and not extend their middle finger so quickly at someone else.

Instead of 1 finger –
put up 2!

Drawing of peace sign made with two fingers.

It’s the difference between peace and do you want a piece?

There is no participation trophy for buying or reading this book, but you can give yourself a pat on the back each time you get somewhere on time, without incident, and safely. You will recognize positive change, and so will the people around you.

While you read, acknowledge the consequences of your actions – following angry thoughts will never take you to a happy place. Random violence inspires no one, and anyone who follows negative energy usually winds up in trouble, hurt, or dead. While you are boiling-mad, what may seem like a good idea probably isn’t. We are emotional creatures with a tremendous ability to reason the unreasonable. If you can stop yourself from writing an angry Tweet, you can steer clear of another driver on Route 66.

Chapter 1


Driving is controlling a vehicle through obstacles and obeying rules set down by local, state, and federal authorities. It is also a constant test of your patience resulting from other people’s lack of sense and ability.

Do I even deserve keys to a car?

The Keys

States should not only give a road and written test before issuing licenses, but they should also assess the mental health and anger management skills of potential drivers. Look around you. Clearly, driving tests are not a measure of one’s driving ability. The test we take now could be construed as meaningless. Many people do not drive well.

I was in a taxi, in New York City traffic when two men ran past me on the street. They stopped in front of an SUV at a red light, in front of my cab. Clearly, a traffic dispute had occurred, and the two men were there to settle it. The driver got out with a baseball bat.

I saw the wind-up, the first half of the swing, and the man walking back to his truck. After he got in his SUV, he put the bat down and drove away. As my taxi passed the injured man, his right forearm was mangled and dangling at the point of impact.

I learned how stupid it is to get out of your car over a traffic dispute. This incident could have gone another way – a friendly wave followed by apologetic nods and they move on like adults, the victim could have had a gun and killed the man with the bat, or his shot could have missed and killed me.

If you want the keys to a car, there are many things to consider besides where you are going.


There is real power in knowing it’s your…Huey

Cover of Curbing Your Road Rage and Other Important Tips for Getting Along on the Road

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